Friday, September 25, 2020

After the Election

 Some random things that occurred to me:

  • We're going to have to put some money into rebuilding our economy - NOT by funneling huge grants to larger corporations, but in helping the states set up low-cost loans for smaller, local businesses. Those businesses need to follow normal business practices, have a business plan based on reality, and be able to qualify for insurance AND some amount of bank financing. But, yeah, those businesses that were viable, but killed by the lockdown restrictions should get a hand up.
    • BUT - the state needs to reduce barriers to businesses opening/functioning.
    • Any government entity that supports this needs to have some skin in the game - can we say "put the politicians supporting this in an agreement that some part of THEIR salary is invested in that business - and will NOT be bailed out by government action, should the business fail?"
  • Relocation money - maybe a 50-50 split between the individuals and the companies recruiting them? That expense can be deducted from income taxes.
  • Audits of companies who hire non-Americans. If they are abusing the system, fines, jail time for egregious offenses, and banning from using H1-B and other visas for life (of individuals in charge of the corporation, and of corporations). If the abusers are not natives, or are naturalized citizens, deportation WITH their families (which includes ALL the people they sponsored).
  • While we're at it, let's get DNA samples for deportees. Those who are in the criminal databases, or who return and commit crimes in the future, should be identified.
  • Legislation that forbids practices that increase the likelihood of voter fraud (I'm assuming that the Left doesn't win the House/Senate). Work with DOJ to improve the likelihood that the legislation will hold up in court.
  • NO - I mean NO - bailouts for the states that shutdown their own economies. Or facilitated riots/violence/insurrection. Make them pay for their treachery against the legal government, and for their refusal to enforce the law that citizens are paying them to do. Like other failed nations, the Left will not change until it costs THEM.
  • Clarification of the Constitution's census rules. Inclusion, by legislation, of a requirement that illegal aliens must be identified as such.
  • While we're at it, all driver's licenses for non-US citizens must have some way to identify that the holder is NOT a citizen. Maybe a colored stripe on one side, or other means that is recognizable by sight.
Personally, I'm exhausted. Yesterday, the plumbers descended upon my house for the whole day. They put in a LONG day, only leaving after 10 pm. There was just one part of the system not finished (the second bathroom).

I have to thank the men of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, located in the Carolinas, for their hard work to make sure we could bathe and otherwise take care of bodily functions. I am truly, truly appreciative of their work and good attitude.

It was expensive, but it's nearly done. We have updated water and sewage lines, a new kitchen faucet, and bathroom fixtures.

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WC McGirt said...

Linda, between Dec. 9, 2019 and March 12, 2020 we replaced our entire plumbing system and remodeled two bathrooms in a 75 year-old house. We had a 100 sq. ft. hole in the floor open to the attic for three weeks during Christmas & New Year. Then we did it again just before St. Valentine's Day for the second one. We still had use of a full bathroom at all times thanks to a thoughtful plumber.

That was the longest four months of my life but it has been well worth it. It needed to have been done twenty years ago. It turns out that, being a galvanized system, it was ready to fall apart without notice. All I can say is at least it was not on a slab!