Friday, September 4, 2020

How it won't happen

 I still believe the Democrats don't dare put Biden up on a debate stage with Trump. But how to get out of it? Yesterday I came across the first believable plan I've read: a couple of days before the first debate, Biden will be "accidentally" exposed to COVID and will, with deep regret, have to quarantine himself. At most we'll be offered a "debate" between a live Donald Trump and a Joe Biden broadcasting from his basement, with his army of scripts, teleprompters, and helpers kept off-camera. 

A little over three weeks to go. Let's see what happens.



Or it will be an actor playing Biden via "deep fake" technology.

Have zero doubt there are scores and scores of actors studying up on Biden's character / habits / speaking style chomping at the bit to do it for free.

Linda Fox said...

Trump should anticipate this, and offer, in that eventuality, to debate virtually.

With this caveat:

Notes only. No earpieces. Inspection of the candidates by a doctor prior to the debate - WITH blood samples taken (not used unless there is a question about use of a stimulant).

Trump may have 3-5 representatives in the room where Biden is (of course, that is true for Biden as well, if Trump were the stricken one). They may wand the candidate for electronics on his person (as well as the lectern). The earpiece must be inspected before insertion.

Trump should OFFER this as what HE is willing to do. Biden will then be under pressure to offer the same in response.


And the addition, if I may, of a person from the opposite campaign observing the person IN PERSON through the entire debate. And BOTH campaigns get to video the other, IN PERSON.