Friday, November 27, 2020

A defining moment?

The evidence of monumental vote fraud in the recent "election" is overwhelming and the chickens of endless U.S. declarations about the wonderfulness of "our democracy" have come home to roost. With a vengeance. However, only fools would describe it, whatever "it" is, as wonderful. Pale shadow and all that.

What we have isn't a democracy and it's no longer a representative republic either. It's a nation turning in on itself and worshipping minorities, foreigners, and freaks and destroying its culture and its laws. True story.

Some faceless "vote counters" sitting unsupervised behind a phalanx of arrogant pricks in various urban centers more resembling Hollywood's Ft. Apache than anything remotely civilized will, if unchallenged, help to determine important national electoral results. And their efforts will be supplemented by the "tallies" produced by voting machines with mystery algorithms decipherable only by experts and "just us chickens" data bases of "results" in Spain and Germany controlled by yet more mysterious personages. Mmm mnnh!

The practices integral to our "system" are utterly corrupt. A "do over" would do a lot to settle matters but it would be a hasty, pathetic affair and, of course, of doubtful constitutional foundation. The politicians let decades go by turning a blind eye to voting procedures that are designed to be chaotic, lacking in chains of custody, brimming with opportunities for manipulation, and with procedures for determining simple voter qualification and identification optional, at best. Thus, some kind of jerry-rigged, ad hoc fixerupper of a do-over "solution" would not inspire confidence.

So there's always the unheard of option of depending on state legislatures to cough up a milligram of skepticism and backbone about the blatant scamathon underway. Not like this is a defining election or anything. The courts might also come down decisively on the side of electoral integrity and quaint notions of preserving representative government and not rubber stamping yet another insult to the people coughed up by our sacred plutocracy, Big Brother media, the tech midgets, and Marxist street thugs. It's not what you expect from courts. In the last ten decades or so they’ve served up establishment fare destructive of liberty and the plain language of the Constitution. Our judges have rendered judgments couched in billowing clouds of "maybe this and maybe that" and accompanied by judicious beard stroking and the magic-assisted discovery of emanations from penumbras that serve the interests of the central state and betrayal of the constitutional order.

So it's sorta kinda a defining moment. Perhaps the sheep will be separated from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, and the riff from the raff. But since people usually are the way they usually are we'll no doubt be graced with a resounding "maybe but better nothing too extreme" from the courts or, perhaps, a resolute "practicality requires expeditious resolution" announcement. At which point we're back to the Oriental-person fire drill engineered by decades of expediency, betrayal, and stupidity and the tender ministrations of Mr. Debt Service, Dr. Pension Shortfall, Prof. Soaring Inflation, Officer Sick of Anarchy, Uncle Deportation, Archbishop No More Pointless Wars, and Mrs. Outrage Over Job Loss and Business Destruction.

The iron laws of arithmetic will presently administer a bracing lesson regardless of what we poor players decide for ourselves. With a generous helping of "told you so" for the decades of liberal/progressive/socialist/commie stupidity and malevolence.


Andy Texan said...

The supremos are a thin reed to rest the future of 'the Republic,' now unfortunately in quotation marks. I think The President will invoke the insurrection act and special forces to clean up the mess you speak of.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Would that Trump were capable of such action. He lacks a visceral understanding of the Constitution and his part in the scheme of things.

He can get that the election was stolen or that he was under attack for four years but, as usual, it's his signature lack of follow through thereafter that defines him. God bless him as the only port in a storm but he embodies the tragedy of the uncertain trumpet in this critical hour.