Wednesday, November 18, 2020


     There’s been a lot of scare talk about vaccines for various diseases causing autism and other maladies. Most of it strikes me as unsoundly based, more hysterical than reasoned. But now and then there’s a good reason for concern about a vaccine – and it seems one has arisen:

     As the lady in the video says, do your own research. Don’t take anyone’s word for whether this concoction is “safe” -- or “effective” -- or ethical in its origins and developmental methods.

     Take five minutes out of your schedule to view the video above. You’ll thank me.


Linda Fox said...

Being asthmatic, fat, old, and somewhat deficient in D (although I've been supplementing for almost a year, now), I'm in a high risk group.

Nonetheless, I will NOT be getting immunized in the near future. If that means that I cannot travel (even to visit my beloved family), get health care, shop, or work, so be it.

This is my personal Bridge Too Far.

Andy Texan said...

This is a question of trust. Do we trust the people who made the vaccine, tested the vaccine, are advocating for the vaccine (Bill Gates and democrats)? In addition does the covid death rate 0.005 (or nearly no one) really require the ongoing social hysteria (8 months, no end in sight) and vaccine coverage for the entire globe? What is wrong with this picture??

Pipeman said...

I’ve heard that the Astra Zenica vaccination uses aborted baby tissue. Is that true?

Andy Texan said...

It uses a line of cells taken from a fetus in 1966 and kept reproducing for medical use.

Wayne said...

@Pipeman. Yes, it is true.
@Andy Texan. Disingenuous, misleading answer. The correct answer is Yes.

AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer et al. are shielded from liability from any harm caused by their COVID vaccine products. It isn't even covered under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act compensation program. It falls under a different law that isn't even adequately funded for possible vaccine injury. So you could get injureed or even killed by a COVID vaccine, only to find out that the drug company is shielded and there may not be any funds allocated to compensate victims.

Fran, you are woefully misinformed about vaccine risks. It's not necessarily a specific vaccine (e.g. MMR II) that causes injury, it is the astonishing number of doses now on the schedule. When I was a kid, the only vaccines administered were smallpox, polio, and DTP. Now it's over 70 doses during childhood, starting with the Hepatitis A vaccine for ALL newborns even though over 99% of infants are at ZERO risk of perinatal transmission. The current vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested for safety against an unvaccinated control group. Certainly not by the CDC.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Wayne: I allowed your comment to appear despite its insulting tone -- and the direct insult rendered to me personally -- because I wanted my other readers to sample the sort of irrationality that goes along with anti-vaccine propaganda.

For my part, I prefer to trust the expertise of the large number of medical professionals I know personally -- which includes two epidemiologists -- all of whom have averred that anti-vaxxer propaganda has no epidemiological nor etiological basis. Their arguments carry more weight with me than the assertions of a commenter who doesn't even give his last name.