Thursday, November 5, 2020

So, What Are YOUR Predictions?

Here's one from a member of Turning Point USA. He's not hopeful, if the Biden/Harris challenges to legal voting prevail.

He mentions a term I'd never heard before - Cost-Push Inflation. It's a good term to use for the kind of inflation that is CAUSED by unchecked government mandates. It's also a concept that would serve as an introduction to younger people, about the idea that not all inflation is the same. They seldom see the connection between their idealistic goals, and the dystopian outcomes.

The Foundation for Economic Education is a good start. They have some books that are foundational. They also have a good assortment of videos, which many younger people prefer. They have selections on not only economics, but also politics, culture, and education. Check out their 'Minimum Wage' story.

For my state, South Carolina, it was a surprise win. Lindsey made a heroic effort, hitting the talk shows, appearing in person, and generally working hard to retain his seat against a candidate with a carefully airbrushed past, and a LOT of money.

I was never happy with Jaime Harrison - he was a stealth candidate, with little background information available on him (and, what there was, was uniformly positive). Now, NO human being is without flaws/errors in his past. If you depended on the media to DO THEIR FREAKIN' JOB, you were out of luck. Only some late in October ads, that pointed out Harrison's radical beliefs, finally broke the wall that kept SC from electing a Manchurian candidate (NOT a NK mole, but someone about whom nothing bad is ever said). That wouldn't have been possible but for some late-in-the-day money that Lindsey finally secured. Many of his previous corporate donors were backing Harrison's play. Might they have been targeted for that effort, not because Harrison actually planned to support their interests, but because, by cutting off Graham's money supply, the Harrison contingent could smother any effective opposition?

I've been reading the anthology Divided We Fall: One Possible Future. Warning: don't read it if you have guns in your house, particularly if you've been drinking/watching the news. It might just tip you over the edge.



My BEST CASE scenario. Alas.

Trump does manage to prevail. For the next two years it will be non-stop:

1. ENEMEDIA screaming that Trump is illegitimate
2. Endless articles of impeachment being sent to the Senate (and not just for Trump but ACB and Kavanaugh(

IMHO, especially for point 2, sooner or later enough RINO squishes will succumb to the pressure - whether financial, electoral, or blackmail* and vote to remove Trump. Or at least make the pilgrimage to the WH to suggest to Trump that he resign as happened with Nixon.

3. Of course they'll work even harder on the vote fraud for 2022 to flip the Senate

I see no scenario where things don't go "spicy". As I've said many times, I don't WANT that to happen and no sane person should. What, then, will be that proverbial last straw that lights things off?

George True said...

The Democrats and their mainstream media propaganda arm are attempting a blatant steal of the election by flipping Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin from Trump to Biden after the election was over and they knew how many fraudulent ballots they needed to produce. It was absolutely predictable that they were going to do this. It was always their plan.

Trump is not falling for the suckers game of doing recounts, as that would simply be recounting the same fraudulent ballots along with the legitimate ones. Instead, he is demanding via federal lawsuits that each ballot be matched to a specific known registered voter. Ballots that cannot be matched up to a known voter, or ballots where the signatures do not match the one on file, are by definition not valid and must be discarded.

I think this is a good strategy that will succeed.....IF the Trump team is willing to fight tooth and nail for it. They must go absolutely scorched earth on these states that have slipped hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots in amongst the legitimate ones. It may take weeks, and possibly months. But IF President Trump and his team are willing to fight like junkyard dogs to the bitter end, I believe we will prevail.

And in the process, they could also totally expose the corrupt Democrat voter fraud machines that have existed in these states for many years. If that can be done, then that could pave the way for an aggressive overhaul of election policies, procedures, and regulations in all states. Because if this is NOT done, the Democrats will use these same election fraud tactics in 2022, 2024, and beyond. They will use their nationwide fraud system to insure that there is not another Republican President, or another Republican majority House or Senate again in our lifetimes. And once they have achieved that, our Republic will be gone along with our individual rights, and Communism installed in its place.


A short addendum.

Of course. All three SCOTUS judges appointed by Trump "must" recuse themselves. Because fairness and ethics and such. As if they'd even consider things the other way... and IIRC weren't there a couple of cases where there were calls for a lib justice to recuse themselves, and they did not?