Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Election, OTHER Than Trump

 For a guy who the media is trying to convince us lost the election, he sure has long coattails.

In SC, Lindsey Graham won an election that many - including some Republicans - thought was in the bag for little known, but highly hyped, Jaime Harrison.

IF he had won, SC would have become the ONLY state to have TWO Black Senators. That certainly appealed to many people.

Now, they tried to portray Graham as 'angry' and 'divisive'.

Him. Mr. Congeniality. The guy who was - until the Impeachment - considered a Milquetoast.

That was probably Mistake # 1.

# 2 was Harrison pursuing a strong anti-gun platform. In SC, a state in which ministers and your gay hairstylist likely have several guns. Whose population turned out to a rural meeting, at which the 'get rid of the guns' crowd was trying to persuade the state's hunting commission to put a limit on the number of deer hunters could bag.

They came to the meeting, WITH GUNS, and raised some serious hell.

NOBODY was going to tell them they couldn't kill as many deer as they could manage.

Well, to be fair, we've got a $hitload of them in the state. We're packed tight with woodsy areas, and the deer are thick on the ground. If you don't want to see deer carcasses and guts all over the road, the smart course is to let the hunters decide how to handle the deer overpopulation issue.

Yeah, but you couldn't tell City Boy Harrison and his Band of Leftists about that. Oh, NO! They knew what 'those hicks' needed, and they were determined to give it to them, good.

That went well for the Dems. And, in other state offices, the GOP gained ground.

How'd it all go in YOUR state?


daniel_day said...

Oregon remained Oregon*. 5 reps all re-elected, including Greg Walden (R), who has been there since 1998. Walden's district is about 75% of the land area of the state.

furball said...

California, so. . .

There was a *little* upsurge of conservative representation, but when you've got Newsom, Pelosi, Feinstein, et. al., it's always bleak.


As far as I understand from, we picked up a majority in the one of the two chambers. Not sure about the other. Both "D" congresscritters won, as did the "D" Senator.

We kept our RINO governor. Which, I suppose, is marginally better than the alternative.

Meanwhile, we still have the Blue Virus immigrating up from MA to escape the high taxes and strict regulations... and voting for the party whose policies they just fled.