Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Resisting The Heist Part 1

     While this tragedy still has a couple of stages to endure, the prospects for using existing, “official” institutions to undo the Left’s theft of the presidency are dimming. NB: I’m not saying “give up.” The fight must go on. Even if the courts find against the Trump campaign, the effect of mobilizing and energizing the Right and making the evidence for the theft of the election available to all are critically important. However, the probability that the Supreme Court, or any lesser federal court, will rule that the election was sufficiently corrupted to be set aside seems low. Courts just don’t like to touch that kind of controversy.

     So what now?

     There are several things Americans in the Right can do, for themselves and for one another, to resist the usurpers of federal power. Some are generally applicable; others are variably practicable according to one’s station in life and one’s responsibilities. I plan to address certain of them over the course of the next few days.

     Today’s topic is essentially psychological: how to orient oneself for a state of affairs in which:

  • A coup against the Constitution and the law must be recognized;
  • The usurpers who engineered the coup will soon occupy federal offices, including the White House;
  • The usurpers are likely to implement policies intended to cement themselves into power permanently.

     This is an unpleasant prospect, especially given the attitude of the coup engineers toward freedom, property rights, privacy, and free enterprise. But that makes preparing oneself even more important, regardless of the aversion we feel toward it.

     A healthy attitude toward anything, pleasant or unpleasant, begins with the acceptance of reality, regardless of any expectations or preconceptions to the contrary.

     So: Let us postulate that the electoral coup currently under way will succeed. We must recognize and accept that as fact. NB: That does not mean accepting the usurpers of federal power as “authorities” legitimately entitled to the powers they have seized; quite the contrary. It means only accepting that our fight for our rights as Americans against illegitimate, anti-American “rulers” has entered a new stage.

     The first required recognition would be that the federal government is now in the hands of the enemy. I don’t emphasize that it is an ideological enemy, though it is, but rather that it is our enemy: yours and mine, personally and specifically.

     The second required recognition would be that the usurpers know that, too. As they are our enemy, we are theirs. They will treat us as enemies in contests a outrance always have and always will—and we must do the same.

     Third, and most difficult for many in the Right, is the recognition that collaboration with the enemy makes one a part of the enemy, and therefore equally to be opposed. War has always been hard on personal relations across battle lines. There’s no help for it. Even a beloved relative must be distrusted and kept at a distance, should he league himself with the other side.

     Each of us is likely to love and live among persons who applaud the capture of Washington by the corruptocrats. Relatives, friends, neighbors, business partners, and occupational colleagues might be part of that swarm. It becomes massively unwise to give them any insight or intimate knowledge of what you’re doing or planning, or of what you believe. Your prior relations with them must be set aside for the duration of the contest.

     This has unpleasant implications. It will intensify the disintegration and atomization of American society, American enterprise, American communities and neighborhoods, and the American family. And there is absolutely no help for it. Someone you’ve loved for decades could be the person who turns you in for your gold, your guns, your group memberships, or your convictions. It’s happened before, including here in America—look into the suppression of anti-war sentiment during the Wilson Administration—and it will happen again.

     Fourth and last of the required psychological elements is the need for clarity of intentions and capabilities. You must have a clear, well-formed idea of what you want and what you propose to do to get it. Fantasies about glorious charges against the enemy’s redoubts are all very well for dreams. For your waking life, you must have a realistic grasp of your capabilities. You must also take time to think about two unpleasant subjects: how much risk you can bear, and the limits on your endurance. It’s comparable to the choice of an investment strategy.

     In this connection, it’s vital to know what you owe to others, as a matter of simple ethics. Let’s imagine you to be a “normal” American not yet retired from wage labor. You probably feel responsibilities to others: a spouse, children, occupational colleagues, and others. But not every responsibility you feel is a real one.

     One of the most pathetic of all contemporary phenomena is the sadly pervasive notion that we remain responsible for our children even after they’ve reached maturity and (should have) become self-responsible adults. Now, not all children manage that transition. Some remain mired in immaturity and dependency lifelong. Worse yet, they expect their parents to collaborate in their protracted infancies: with shelter, with money, and with unfailing emotional support.

     That sort of willfully chosen dependency is a major weapon of the Left. If you enable it, you are helping the enemy. As is more were necessary, the resources you put to the succor of your grown children become unavailable for other, more constructive action. It cannot be made plainer than that—and it has analogues in many other venues, including the workplace.

     It’s time to decide what your responsibilities really are.

     There’s a hard edge to the above. It demands that we see things as they are despite the many unpleasantnesses involved in doing so. It also demands that we be realistic about ourselves, our abilities...and our past mistakes.

     But it is the precondition for any degree of success in resisting the all but guaranteed efforts to come of the usurpers to reduce us to Twenty-first Century villeins and serfs.

     More anon.

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