Saturday, November 28, 2020

Could Someone Build an App?

One that inserts itself between a purchase and submitting the order, detailing where the item came from (including components), and suggesting another item of similar kind that is American-made?

Make it as an extension that works with browsers (Chrome, Explorer, and Safari, for starters). Probably too late for this Christmas shopping season, but...

In the absence of that idea, check out purchase alternatives.

List One

Made in America

76 Quality Products Made in America

Other Links to Buying from America

Made in America Store

If you have links to other companies/lists, post them in the comments. Listen to the local talk shows - they often have segments about products made locally.

Also, look around your town, and post a link to the local small shops on Facebook - even if some of their products are not locally sourced, the patronage still keeps the money here.

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