Thursday, November 26, 2020


CSO: Read this?
FWP: About what?
CSO: Fast-food hamburgers.

FWP: For Thanksgiving? At 4:30 AM? Have you gone mad?
CSO: No, it’s just a ranking. But it makes an interesting claim.

FWP: What claim?
CSO: That Americans are estimated to eat 50 billion burgers a year, which would circle the Earth 32 times.
FWP: Aha! Another catastrophe averted by public-spirited Americans!

CSO: What are you talking about?
FWP: Think about it. Were Americans to stop eating all those hamburgers, where would they be?
CSO: Americans?
FWP: No, no! The hamburgers!

CSO: Oh. I get it. Worse than the plastic in the oceans problem, eh?
FWP: Depends. Can fish be trained to eat hamburgers?
CSO: I’ll look into it.

     Do you see the gravity of the issues we confront at the Fortress—and before breakfast, at that? Yet people think ours is an extremely silly household. I can’t imagine why.

     Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!


SWVAguy said...

Happy Thanksgiving brother Francis, and to the CSO and your families. Regardless of the election outcome, we have much to be thankful for.

furball said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

But, really? In 'n Out is the best??????

Rick C said...

The article must've been written by a Californian, to claim In-N-Out's the best.

I'll give them credit, they're pretty good. Best? Maybe among chains, but I think at the top of the stack the ratings are pretty subjective, and, of course, you can do better than any of those at a non-chain restaurant.