Saturday, November 28, 2020

Why Free Speech Has to Be TOPS on the List of Non-Negotiables

Because it's a core value to Free Societies. Ones that don't want to fossilize their culture, their politics, and their people.

What maddens most of us who lived through the 60s and beyond, is that the same people declaring Some Speech is Just NOT Permissible! - those that USED America's tradition of not censoring people to grab power - are the same that are determinedly working to shut down their opponents' ability to dissent.

Our New Patriots (the ones that will enter the history books/blogs after we re-take our country) are a muddled bunch. They include artists, writers, journalists, actual crusading journalists, ordinary citizens, data analysis geeks, business owners, and everyday workers.

You may be one, yourself.

What is required?

Push back against the Leftists - at work, in public, in dealings with overbearing government. No, don't get yourself killed. But, document everything (if a video might get you assaulted, use the audio recording capability of a cellphone - less visible, and just as effective).

Refuse to automatically comply. Be polite, but firm. They have to give you actual REASONS for their insistence on your compliance with dictates that are not permitted in the Constitution.

Have a copy of it available with you. Make them justify their rules - AND, record their reasoning (such as it is). Have them identify themselves by name and position. Make them state the actual regulation or law that compels you to agree with the dictate.

But, continue to be calm and reasonable. It helps to deliberately lower your voice (hard to do when annoyed/angry, but do it), as it also has them do the same. Trust me on this, I've defused some classroom situations doing just that.

If you have to, comply. But follow that up with a formal written protest, back up by any evidence (paper, audio/video recording, witness statements). Send copies of that evidence to the media (both mainstream and blogs).

Do this EVERY time, and you will begin to see results.

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