Friday, November 20, 2020

When Even That Many Democrats Think This Was Stolen...'ve lost all credibility with the public.

The louder they whistle, the worse their hand (remember that episode from M.A.S.H., where the poker game is being dominated by newbie Col. Winchester, until Radar mentions his 'tell'?).

This report, about nursing homes, shows one of the problems with focusing on COVID, rather than looking at the whole picture. Of course, to SOME Leftists, like Dr. Emmanuel, the extra deaths among the aged are a bonus.

Now, I know this will be a surprise to you all - Biden voters are much less likely to be employed!

When they say they want you to disappear, they MEAN it!

What may stop the Trump challenges is mistakes and over-promising. They need to narrow the focus to provable evidence, not hype.

With cooperation like this from the media, Biden is winning the propaganda war. It's not just about who won; it's about the impression they make on the uncommitted citizens. Not everyone like feisty and combative; some just want a quiet life (not that such an outcome is likely at the moment).

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"Of course, to SOME Leftists, like Dr. Emmanuel, the extra deaths among the aged are a bonus."

I have argued - and I won't abuse my privileges - that not only were the extra deaths in nursing homes useful for two reasons:

1. More dead to lay at Trump's feet
2. Less "useless eaters" because to The State, once you're non-productive, you're waste

But I argue it was done INTENTIONALLY. Remember, Socialists murdered over 100 million civilians in the 20th century. Do we really think that murdering our own as a tool to advance their cause is really beyond them even here in the US?