Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Good and the BAD

The Good:

Many bloggers are reaching new heights in explaining just WHY the Left has gone mad, in very simple words - OK, SOME are using a lot more 4-letter ones than are necessary, but, still, breaking the concepts into the equivalent of "Constitutional Rights 4 Dummies". Sarah A. Hoyt is one.

Francis Porretto is another. And, here is a link to many more.

From Ace of Spades (always part of my early morning wake-up reading), is a link to a video you really must see. Bill Whittle is a soft-spoken, mild-mannered kind of guy. So when he goes gonzo, it's really something to see!

Sometimes, in this long slog to Freedom, I do become discouraged. I find that it's hard to keep my spirits high over the long haul. It's rather like that song from 1776.

Guys, we're in the until the end. This is it - we have no alternative to America.

It would be easy to give in. We would be able to attend family events without discord - ALL agreeing that our Overlords are the Bestest, Greatest, Most WONDERFUL people EVAH!

We'd never be accused of Fascist opinions, never have to risk our jobs (those of us who still have them), never have our social media account shut off for failure to adhere to the Party Line.

Don't waste your time with the remake - rather than deal with the REALITY that N. Korea DID use manipulation techniques to try to indoctrinate captured soldiers, the Denzel Washington version blames a global corporation for the attempted assassination of American leadership. Even in a fantasy version of reality, the Leftists cannot be blamed for subversion.

The Bad:

It's possible that Trump may get a fair day in court, but it's not looking like a slam-dunk. In the Left's airbrushing of the Election Follies, they are claiming that NO credible evidence has been presented - something that even a cursory look would refute. The Leftist Media has been given their talking points, and they are ALL on point with the message.

Funny business with the machines - both in the handling of the scans, and in the software/hardware - is being buried - DEEP. Don't expect it to surface, unless they need an excuse for an "inexplicable" loss to a GOP candidate. At which point, Oodles of "Evidence" will suddenly surface.

ALL of it pointing to Russian/GOP/Nazi culpability.

You know what they have in store for us: a Boot on Our Neck, Forever.

So, why am I not reaching for the horse tranqs?

Because, we are not 'there' yet. Yes, we had many supporters, who were willing to risk voting this time out.

But, we don't have enough who will not fold easily. They haven't demonstrated that they will stand on the line, when called upon.

How will we know when we've reached that point?

It will be when people risk "their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor". When enough of them are willing to tell the overbearing boss to shove his mandatory HR training up his overfed butt. Who when ordered to wear a mask, uses the cover of it to whisper revolutionary talk.

It will be when enough people lay in stores of goods - food, fuel, water, and guns. Enough to hold out against an army who is determined to crush them.

It will be when the average person gets fed up with the crap, and openly joins the fight. It will be when you start hearing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" or its modern-day equivalent, being hummed/whistled/sung by the people. When the daring spray paint artist is not promoting his gang, but The 2nd American Revolution.

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Kye said...

We need to find a way to separate ourselves from the radical left as a nation or we will end up killing each other.

That Bill Whittle video is his best yet.