Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Liveblogging Election 2020 Coverage

2:26 am - Woke up. I could be wrong, but it looks as though Trump will win. About 1/2 dozen races are not colored Red by the media, although it certainly looks as though Trump won. I suppose that they are waiting for the onslaught of mail-in ballots that usually saves the Dem butt.

I'm not sure that they can pull it off now. There aren't that many voters who are left. Even 'same-day' voting won't help them, as mail-in ballots won't qualify for that "Hey, we have a NEW voter here". Perhaps it will take another few elections for the Dems to figure out how to cheat, given the prevalence of both early and mail-in voting by the GOP.

Trump's quick action in having lawyers available in likely contested states was wise. Rather than fuss about it, he's turning it over to the professionals (assuming that those lawyers are competent). I'd feed more hopeful if these were private lawyers, with experience in voter laws, but you take what you can get.

Expect the Dems to drag this out as long as they can. They have more than 2 months to weaponize the media in their effort to try this (Lord, I hope) final grab at the prize. At least the GOP appears to have won the Senate.

9:30 pm - I'm going to bed.

6:07 pm - the polls should be starting to close over the next hour/90 minutes. Few voting issues came up today. I assume that a good part of that was the high number of voters who took the early or mail-in option.

Anyone who is in line when closing time comes will be permitted to vote.

I'm reading Divided We Fall: One Possible Future. Probably not the best reading for a nervous waiting time, but it's good - very good. One way or another, we should have some indication of which way the wind is blowing by the end of the evening. Keep praying.

12:02 pm - there's a trend that I wasn't aware of, that makes the stakes higher for the Presidential election than I knew. In 2016, the Senate seats up for election lined up with the state's presidential pick. For those Republican seats in danger, that would be great (I'm assuming that Trump is likely to win).

Here's the story, from CNN.

10:21 am - I'm pacing myself - not going to sit on the news channels/websites about the election all day. My husband changed the channel to the Game Show network. He's checking email, and I'm on Hoda and Jenna right now - it's fluff, but relatively pleasant.

8:27 am - I just checked the numbers of NEW cases of COVID and the deaths (785 cases, 10 deaths) - the percentage is 1.3%. Definitely down in SC.

8:24 am - An 'expert' talking about how to speak to friends and family about the election. She doesn't say, but I suspect she leans Left. She seems to think that SOMEONE will need to be able to express their disappointment and fears.

I'm guessing that WON'T be Trump voters. Something tells me that the 'bad' news has spread among the media.

8:15 am - I took advantage of a break in the election coverage to make my coffee. I've been up since around 4:30, but I'm trying NOT to drink coffee so early; I made some cocoa instead. I've been drinking more herbal tea lately for my first drink.

Well, that's important. Today is pointing out that only 10% of Germans support Trump.

Get a clue, Krauts. YOU don't have a vote in this.

Sen. James Risch (R) points out that China aggression is not an R/D issue - "It's an American issue." 

8:10 am - the election coverage is being interrupted by reports from EU (Vienna) about terror attacks. 

8:07 -  really hate the masks on outdoors reporters - why the hell bother? They could easily distance themselves from nearby people. It makes it very hard to understand what they are saying.

Savannah Guthrie is one of the main speakers on all of this. Naturally, she is showing the restraint on bias, and careful attention to impartially.

Oh, I gotta stop - I'm going to hurt myself laughing!

Election Morning - 8:00 am - I turned on the TV (antsy, just couldn't sit there). It's the Today Show, which intro'd the Trump clip talking about his comments about COVID (after the Biden claim that he would "Hire Fauci").

Whoever was talking preceded the clip by sniping about his "False Claim" - that we were rounding the corner on COVID.

8:05 am - Brix is featured, 'blasting Trump' on his claims.

God Forbid the Deplorables should be able to think for themselves!

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