Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Chaos Commences

     Wisconsin: 10 electoral college votes.
     North Carolina: 15 electoral college votes.
     Michigan: 16 electoral college votes.
     Georgia: 16 electoral college votes.
     Pennsylvania: 20 electoral college votes.

     Those states control a total of seventy-seven electoral college votes. President Trump leads by large margins in four of them – large enough that, in previous elections, the various media “decision desks” would have called those states for him and his opponent would have conceded the race to him. But 2020, of course, is different.

     Now we will see the legal challenges commence and the troves of “found ballots” emerge. The Secretaries of State in four of those states are Democrats. They will do their best to bend the rules in Biden’s favor. The criteria for which ballots are deemed worthy of inclusion will be the loosest they can contrive under their states’ respective laws.

     What will come of it? Are there enough legitimate votes for Biden to pull the rug out from under President Trump? No one can say at this time. But whatever that count may be, the deciding factor could prove to be the number of illegitimate votes the Democrat machines of those states can contrive to get past the election rules.

     This is what comes of:

  • Voting by mail;
  • Same-day registration;
  • No signature matching;
  • No voter ID required at the polls;
  • The counting of ballots cast after Election Day.

     The trustworthiness of American election procedures has been destroyed, possibly for good.

     I feel certain that, had the election been conducted along traditional lines, President Trump would have been soundly re-elected, perhaps even with a majority of the national popular vote. But that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone. What I can glimpse, however cloudily, of what’s to come has me terribly frightened.

     There will be dueling arguments for which ballots must and must not be counted. There will be accusations and counter-accusations from the two contending camps. There will be rioting and massive destruction in America’s cities. And America will be largely paralyzed as the electoral madness plays out.

     Little of this would have been possible were it not for the Wuhan Virus and the arguments it supported for voting by mail. That’s the most vivid of all the danger flags we face. Note that it was states governed by Democrats that led the charge for that innovation. Note also that it was prominent Democrats who were responsible for most of the hysteria-mongering over the “pandemic.”

     There must be a reckoning...but whether there will be, and if so, when it will arrive, remains unclear.

     Pray for our country.


mobius said...

I'm not too worried, team Trump anticipated this.

SWVAguy said...

Why in God's name is it even close? The media, of course. The hysteria over covid constantly broadcast. The non-interest of Hunter Biden's laptop by the bulk of the media. The ridiculousness of everything you mentioned, especially what's going on in Pennsylvania.
God help us all.

George True said...

The mainstream broadcast media is nothing but a vast propaganda machine for the Communist Party USA (formerly known as the Democrat Party). They engage in deliberate disinformation 24/7/365. Without this, the election would not have been close. Along with this, the internet gatekeepers of the flow of information have successfully throttled the disemmination of information favorable to conservatives or harmful to leftists. The total blackout of any mention of the Biden influence peddling scandal was very effective. I have not talked to any Democrats who were even aware of it.

We are in a very bad and very dangerous place when the fourth estate has gone all in for one political party over another. This gives them almost total power to be the actual deciders of our elections. Something needs to be done about it. If Trump can prevail, and prevent the DNC from stealing the election, he simply must come down like the Hammer of Thor on the internet companies who participated in the information blackout.

And then immediately after that, he needs to go after the broadcast media conglomerates. Their totally one-sided 24/7/365 coverage represents a massive in-kind contribution to the Democrat party worth billions of dollars. There is a legitimate path to prosecuting them for this, and it must be pursued. These Communist propaganda organs must be broken up and new regulations enacted that monitor thair content very closely.

If these things are not done, then the cabal of unelected oligarchs of the mainstream media conglomerates will continue to be the ultimate deciders of the outcomes of our elections for the foreseeable future.


Anticipating this is not the same as dealing with the reality. Wasn't it Napoleon who said "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy"?

@SWVA All those and more.

Contrarian View said...

Suits should get up to SCOTUS without delay. I think this SCOTUS will take a very dim view of election fraud. It is poison to the Constitution they have sworn to protect. I think even Roberts will see this the right way. Only Kagan and Sotomayor would say that dead and non-existent people have the right for their phony votes to be counted.

SWVAguy said...

Panama, Cost Rica and Belize are looking very attractive right now. Wish I had the resources to move to one of them.

SWVAguy said...

100,000 votes materialized in Michigan. All for Biden! That's certainly believable.

Linda Fox said...

Trump's team will, of course, fight this on the ground, and in court.

But, if you noticed, several of those states have incomplete counts from a few counties that Trump is likely to win. He's playing the Daley game - make the OTHER guy put down his cards FIRST. Once he's said, that's all I got, throw down your cards, and collect the pot.

SWVAguy said...

Now we hear there are more votes cast in Wisconsin than there are registered voters. We can't put up with this bovine excrement.

SWVAguy said...

128000 votes on a thumb drive in Michigan...all for Biden.

SWVAguy said...

Irregularities keep appearing. Guess who it helps. ABC took Arizona off a win for Biden. It's amounting to another coup attempt.

Paul Bonneau said...

Look at the bright side. If anything will prompt secession, this will. It's time for a divorce.

SWVAguy said...

I agree Paul. How about this theory: The Chinese weren't happy about Trump's hard-line stance against them. So how do they undermine him to keep him from being re-elected? Create a virus that will cause over 200,000 deaths, crippling the world economy and causing doubt about Trump in the electorate. And who wins the election? Their good friend Joe Biden. Now THAT'S collusion.

Linda Fox said...



A few years ago I had an interview in a delightful town in Texas. Loved it. Met the local Rabbi - I looked ahead - and liked him too as he invited me over for dinner. Alas my wife put impossible conditions on the move. I have a feeling that we may need to move, and under far less favorable conditions...

@SWVA: I believe that the virus was created and deliberately spread by the Chinese to hurt America, Trump - and the West in general. And I believe, with 100% conviction, that the Democrats were informed of it and helped it spread as a political weapon against Trump. Remember, Socialists murdered over 100 million civilians in the 20th century to advance their utopian dreams. Yet if I point that out to people, the response is almost always the same: "Oh, that couldn't happen here!"

Andy Texan said...

Roger Stone said something interesting today: how could the result in Minnesota be worse this year than 4 years ago given the positive indicators prior to election? I'll tell you, there has been a systematic conspiracy in every demonRat state with a chance to flip to President Trump and a demonRat state government. They did not only cheat in the swing states but in those other states that the President might have carried in a fair contest. It's time to go nuclear on the ENEMY. Federal marshals should begin arresting election official for perpetrating a dastardly fraud on the constitution. WE CAN NO LONGER TOLARATE SUCH BEHAVIOR.

SWVAguy said...

Here's a thought. Were mail-in ballot signatures compared to walk-in voters? There's a huge opportunity for double voting if they weren't compared, doncha think?


I was listening to Rush yesterday and a caller said that states were trending RED and the betting markets were trending Trump. All of a sudden the Yuan took a nose dive against the dollar, and right about then several states stopped counting.

Linda Fox said...

Yeah - they got their marching orders from China.

Andy Texan said...

I've been thinking about their strategy. It's quite simple (and well rehearsed from previous elections): Target those states where the vote may be close. Stop the counting when the number of votes needed can be determined. Manufacture the needed votes from the store house of blank ballots (each state had several hundred thousand of the blank ballots). Fill them out (name and registration un -important). Don't bother with down ballot contests. Add them to the totals until they have an insurmountable lead. None of the states that the President has a lead will likely hold up since the well of blank vote forms is overwhelming. I'm afraid that this action has 'crossed the Rubicon' and the President must repudiate the result and begin arresting the low level perpetrators. These people will give up the names of the higher ups and roll up the network. Then we can take their confessions to the courts for a new election. The alternative is acquiescing to the fraud and the official end of the constitution.