Sunday, November 8, 2020

Post-Election, if Not Post-Count

 We've all put many things on hold, while fighting anxiety, managing any political activity, and compulsively watching the news.

It's over. At least, our part in it. Whether or not Trump prevails in court, we've done all we can.

What we CAN do is to work on our own lives:

  • Get our households in order. That may involve buying more ammo or food, or it just may involve paying bills and cleaning. Most of us need to do it, and the physical work does allow our mind to return to a calm state.
  • Have a SHTF plan - one for short-term, one for long-term. As we don't know just how quickly it may come, focus on the short-term plan. Have some CASH money (split up the stash into smaller bunches, and locate some close to hand, some distant from the house, and, perhaps, even further away. Have your wealth not just in money, but also in land, working car without a payment, some extra gas/fuel, a stash of alcohol (don't care whether or not you drink, but it's good for bartering), food (canned, frozen, fresh, seeds, and portable) and water (Lifestraw, bottled, etc.). 
  • Have some way to power your life - generator, solar, wood, batteries (rotate them regularly, and don't buy the cheap ones that are imported - their life is poor). Have offline records, photos, documents in your bug-out bag.
  • When buying new technology, think SMALL. You want stuff that can be tossed into a bag and carried. Raspberry Pi's are good - about the size of a box of kitchen matches. All you need is a monitor/TV and power (they don't draw much, so you could use temporary power. Same with other tech. The smaller/more energy efficient, the better.
  • Branch out into less restrictive social media. Continue using FB, if you like - I will maintain a presence, strictly for family pictures/events information. I plan to contact all my like-minded social media friends, and suggest we meet up elsewhere. They will claim 'success' at chasing out the Non-Leftist Dissidents (NLDs), but let them. The reduction in noise/opportunities to spy on us isn't worth it. 
  • Book Club (finally!) starting. Look for updates here, and bookmark this link. We can plan on meeting about once a week in a Zoom chat to discuss what we got out of the book. I'll send the email invites to those who gave me their info. If you'd like to be added, here's the signup form.
  • Last, continue praying. It may help, but the more important part is to keep in communication with God. It both shows gratitude that He is still there, and helps to calm the nerves and restore a peaceful mind.

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