Monday, November 16, 2020

Post-Election Letdown

 I have it. If you don't, I'm surprised.

We were on a roll for some time. We were energized, active, and ready to 'rumble' on Election Day. And, for those who CHOSE to deliberately misunderstand, by 'rumble', I mean turn out and FAIRLY vote for our choice.

Well, we all know how that turned out, don't we. The Usual Democratic Machine Theft (UDMT) rolled in, and, despite our protests, the votes were added into the legitimate vote, by the hundreds of thousands.

AMAZINGLY, despite the sizable number of votes for Trump, compared to his first run, Slow Joe/Sleepy-Creepy/Hidin' Biden managed to gain historic levels of  "organic" support.

Right. TOTALLY believable. That a guy who couldn't get a crowd at a staged event - often 20 or fewer, even counting the local Dem workers, could manage to get MORE VOTES THAN A YOUNG, CHARISMATIC BLACK MAN IN AN HISTORIC ELECTION.

Whew! Sorry for the all-caps. It just seemed to need emphasis.

I'm even sorrier that I raised children who are so rabidly partisan, that they ignore what simple observation and some common sense would tell them:

This Was a Fixed Election

I'm feeling better, now that I got that off my chest.

In other news, the #NeverTrump RINOs better watch their back. Carl Bernstein is calling for them to be outed. It's the Way of the Leftist - AFTER they get into power (with the Quislings' assistance), they immediately turn around and execute them. No, they won't actually put a bullet into them (yet!), but they will make it impossible for them to have access to power.

Two possibilities arise from this action - EITHER they are very sure that they have won, and will no longer need the RINO help, OR, they are going down - HARD - and are taking revenge on the ineffective collaborators.

I'm hoping for the second option.

So, while resigned to whatever happens (some things are out of our control), I'm still hopeful. It's my natural condition. It's what gets me up every morning, cheerful and ready for the day. It's what keeps me sane, in these troubled times.

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