Thursday, November 5, 2020

Glory Days, and Today's Left

 It's not a BAD song (Glory Days, by Bruce Springstein). But, it always makes me think:

Dude, Grow the &^%$ Up! Those days are over. Move on!


Well, that's the Left; they never did move on from those days when they thought they were the Masters of the Universe. Those days when they marched in unison, shouting F$%@ LBJ/Nixon/Ray-gun/Bushitler". Those days when they, and their comrades, were destined to take over this country.

A few of them found modest jobs in government; some locally, some in Washington. And, they would gather at the end of the day, in their tight little groups, reminiscing about their past Glory Days, talking trash about all the 'rubes' and 'hicks' who didn't see them in that same dazzling light with which they saw themselves. Plotting a little revolution in quiet corners, drinking more than a little too much.

And, the next morning, waking up with a hangover in their lonely apartments, going into their boring jobs, and doing it all again - 40 hours a week, week after week, year after year.

Only to see, right after their Hero, the Lightworker, reached the end of his last term, that Horrible Orange Man and his Cruel Master of the Handmaidens VP, take office. Defeating their Chosen Successor, HRC, the Officially Smartest Woman to EVER be elected.

Which, she was. Until, by some unknown but certainly nefarious means, he STOLE the job.

****** Interlude - 4 years of Screaming and LOTS of wine and whining ******

But, THIS time, they will definitely win! With a Brown VP who is a WOMYN!


Don't even try to confront them with reality - you do know that the insane often become violent when you try to do that, don't you?

Just go to court to stop the blatant theft in progress. And, set out wine - LOTS of wine.

And, back away quietly.

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You cannot reason with people who are convinced they are smarter, nobler, more educated and - gosh darn it - just plain "better people". As Schlichter noted, they really do hate us.

Consider the (short) rant in this post (and the first image):

When you see your opponent as less than human, and outright evil (I've outlined such in several essays) then it becomes very easy to liquidate them.

As an aside on humans. I "got into it" with a pro-abortion person on LinkedIn who claimed that the unborn are "just featureless lumps of cells" for the first trimester. I posted a couple of pictures with links too showing that at eight weeks that "lump" has fingers, toes, let alone a heartbeat* and brainwaves... and a face.


This is one reason why it's impossible to debate these people. As that KGB defector said, you can show people absolute proof, and they won't accept it.

* At the first ultrasound for my first child, about 6-7 weeks, not only did they put the heartbeat on the speaker, but actually found the heart with the sensor. I could see these few staticy-image grains jumping. And I broke down. I'm not a weepy kind of guy, but I wept openly.