Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Lest You Despair

Something to think about that just occurred to me.

Remember the Last Time that the Dems won, after taking down a President (mostly with lies and the active help of Deep Staters, The Leftist Media (redundant phrase), and RINO squishes?


Yeah, Ford got in that one term, but he was kind of a compromise, and the Left wasn't fully geared up to eliminate him after they already took down Agnew AND Nixon. So, he finished that term with relatively good press.

Then, got taken down by Carter. Yeah. That was a good choice.


Despite Carter's many deficiencies, the Left went all-in for him. The RINOs supported Anderson.

And Ronny Ray-Gun kicked their asses.

And, repeated his feat four years later.

The thing is, when the GOP brings in one of those "acceptable" Republicans to run, they may even get elected - ONCE. Like H. W. Bush did.

The thing is, the Not-Left branch of the GOP wants a candidate who actually believes in the values of the party. Not an "almost-Dem" candidate.

I won't give up until Trump does - officially. At that point, other than hunkering down, and waiting for the inevitable screw-ups, my job will be to work at a local level to shore up our weak spots, lobby the state to tighten up the voting requirements (in SC, we already have Voter ID, which makes us a better reflection of what actual American citizens want), and express out strong opposition to C-Flu lockdowns.

As the Not-Left controls many of the states with Dominion Voting Machines issues, I would expect that a high priority would be getting rid of them, and making the Left cheat the Old-Fashioned Way.

Keep that outreach to on-the-fence voters up. Keep those channels open; we can continue growing our base.

As far as that waiting for the screw-ups - you know they're going to step into a giant pile of $hit, don't you? They can't help it. The Left is ALL Chiefs, and no Indians. They're all ego and supercillious insistence that they are smarter than the rest of us Normals.

Can't prove it by their actions, which seem designed to:

  • Ruin the local economies
  • Make life more difficult for the not-Elite
  • Enrich the Influential, particularly those Elected and Anointed
  • Coddle criminals and increase the likelihood that the law-abiding will take action to stop the crime
  • Continue letting the Actually Privileged children of the Elite off the hook for their crimes
  • Continue driving families out of public schools (this has the welcome side effects of both improving their basic literacy and numeracy, but also reducing their exposure to SJW propaganda)
  • Increase the cost of basic items; may even lead to some form of rationing coming back (now, THERE'S a popular concept)

EVEN with rampant cheating, I wouldn't gamble on their chances in 2022.


Pascal said...

Zimbabwe suffered continuous rule under Mugabe because of rigged voting and terrorism. The fraud was as blatant as this one has been. To top it off, each election was blessed by St. Jimmy Carter. While only last sentence ends in sarcasm, I wish I had better news to bolster your hopefulness.

doubletrouble said...

This is encouraging?!

RM said...

If Trump concedes this rigged election and evil triumphs forget about the next election. The Demonrats will never allow American citizens to decide who their leaders are. The Party will choose every winner down to the local level. Gulags and mass graves lie ahead. I am not exaggerating.

Linda Fox said...

My money is on the Hillbilly/Redneck Faction - they are greater in number than is commonly thought, and VERY resistant to any attempts to cage them.

John Henry Eden said...

"...you know they're going to step into a giant pile of $hit, don't you?"

That may be but, the Leftists will just scrape their shoes off onto us little people and demand that we say it smells like roses

Chuck said...

If Biden is inaugurated, America is over. If they can get away with theft this obvious and blatant, voting becomes worthless and to paraphrase Claire Wolfe, it's time to shoot the bastards.

daniel_day said...

Their chances in 2022? I agree with the other commenters who doubt that any election, or nearly so, will ever be honestly counted again if the DP is allowed to steal this one. Their "chances" in 2022 won't be left to chance.