Friday, November 6, 2020

Coming soon to a nation near you.

Basically, what this [vote fraud] shows is the vast difference in ethics and morality between "liberals" and "conservatives". Generally speaking, the Left has no qualms about cheating or other criminal behavior in order to attain their goal of absolute dominance. And generally speaking, the Right is consciously concerned about "fairness" and legality when it comes to establishing their preferred form of governance.

When the Left gains power, we get communism/socialism/totali-
tarianism. When the Right gains power, you get true Republicanism

Many will also snidely add "fascism" to that outcome. However, learned folk know that fascism and National Socialism were both REactions to the very real threats of communism and the violence which the Left instigated.

If the Right is not permitted their God-given right to self-determination through Republic means, then their only recourse will be a similar violent reaction under a more disciplined and dictatorial leadership. It's the only language communists understand. You cannot reason with, nor live honestly with people who play by a rulebook based on immorality and ruthlessness.

Comment by J S Bach on " Correia: 'F**kery Is Afoot'." By Larry Correia, ZeroHedge, 11/6/20 (emphasis and paragraphing added).

A very good article by a former accountant/auditor.


Andy Texan said...

I am noticing many or the armchair warriors on our side have shrugged their collective shoulders and capitulated (hey we may still have the senate don't you know). {Rush Limbaugh capitulated (fait accompli)}. What is missing from their pathetic calculations is that capitulation on this farce of an election will inaugurate the one-party state 'democracy.' No opposition can succeed against institutionalized ballot stuffing. This was a declaration of war and it must be fought like our lives depend on victory (Victory or Death). Propriety is dead. Extra-judicial action is required. I hope the President has it in him to save the republic.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Agreed. Bush faced fraud in Miama in 2000 but the rest of the returns still didn't stink. Now it's widespread.

It's hard to grasp that there could be such malevolence and blindness in highly educated people that would make them plot this course. The idea of "Faustian bargain" comes to mind and the consequences of playing with the devil of total state power are well known, though not to such diseased minds.

I give normalcy bias it's due. It's hard to jump from our experience of daily life as pleasant and safe to truly getting it about the reality of evil. I am not a man of faith but then I have to say the evidence for the existence of Satan is overwhelming. Or, let's just say it's a useful working premise.

This election will not go down well with us Trump supporters (or advocates of something vaguely resembling normalcy). But this is nothing. The real catastrophe is just around the corner as economic stupidity will finally effect collapse. Deliberate mismanagement hardly begins to describe the result of 100 plus years of "progressive" or ultra-statist jackery.

It's just stupefying to contemplate that the political elite have been dead set on destroying Western civilization. Just look at Merkel's bizarre decision to import a million Muslim primitives and our political class's decision to have open borders for 50+ years.

I suspect even this chicanery is not enough to get people to organize and put a stop to this. But there are a lot of hurting people out there even now and massive "stimulus" payoffs only have a shelf life of a few weeks.

Trump is an uncertain trumpet but the possibilities for chaos are staggering when you consider how vulnerable the smug urban leftists are to just minor supply disruptions. People no longer live on the land.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Add to last sentence:

And who knows what leaders will emerge in the near future.

Andy Texan said...

I believe the Republican legislatures in the compromised states can offer a Trump slate of electors. This may or may not be the final word on the slate that is authorized since the Rat governor may also have a role. The supreme court may toss out results that were counted after the fact. The President is fast losing political capital so probably must take matters into his own hand and implement the insurrection clauses (or the 14th amendment) assuming he still has supporters in the armed service and law enforcement. Hope they have identified a core of loyal enforcers. Short term pain for long term gain. The press must be silenced and the conspirators arrested. Soon.