Saturday, November 7, 2020

What the Left Doesn't GET

They don't GET us.

They are used to "nice" GOP members and candidates. You know, the kind that blush when you scream at them, and apologize for triggering you.

The kind that can be cursed at, have their spouse insulted, and their children bullied unto tears.

Who will then cringe and ask what they can change to make all that stop.

You know. Romney, Collins, Murkowski. Jeff Flake.

They are so anxious to be liked by the "cool kids" that they just BEG for you to let them in.

That's not Trump - he doesn't give a rat's ass if you like him. Whether you do or not, he keeps his self-respect.

And, that's not most of the people who voted for him.

So, go ahead. Tell us it's over. Ridicule our evidence of fraud. Kick us off social media. Threaten our jobs.

We're not folding and creeping away this time. We've drawn the line in the sand.



A Serbian speaks, rails, at Americans. Not Democrats - AMERICANS.


I am reminded, as I watch Mittens and others falling to their knees already in front of Biden, of the first "Thieves World" book where a discussion is taking place. I don't recall the exact scene - been a long time - but they're talking about people being tools for powerful forces.

Tools, when of no further use, get discarded.

So too will Mittens et al. Weeping and screaming "But we helped you"!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Linda;

We waited for generations for a Republican like President Trump that would fight back and not let himself get steamrolled by the donks. he has inspired a bunch of GOPers to fight back, he made it easier, he showed that they were not invincible.

Linda Fox said...

Lord, MrGarabaldi, I certainly HOPE so.
On the advice of a commenter, I just bought Wasp, by Eric Frank Russell - it's about a man, sent to a conquered planet, with instructions to cause as much disruption as he can. I'll post a review here after I read it. It sounds like a useful strategy for many of us.