Sunday, November 8, 2020

Some Ideas for Those Choosing to Stay on Social Media

 I've been touching base on FB. My kids, grandkids, and a whole lot of friends are active. If I stay completely detached, I lose out on pictures, events, and just keeping in touch.

But, when I am using it, I'm starting a new tactic this week. I've been TRYING to refrain from too much political comments. OK, I DID post a few links to stories about Voter Fraud, and a few bitter comments.

That was then. What I've noticed is that NOTHING I post about evidence is making a dent. It's being ignored. I truly can't understand that, because they apparently read the short summary, with links, and say, "Ho hum. Fake News. Wonder what's on TV tonight?"

NO interest in exploring further. It's as though there is deliberate, dummified absence of thought. Like people can see the same event, and one see details, and the other has a scrambled impression of SOMETHING happening, but without causation or any ability to note perps vs. victims. For them, it's all a violent blur.

Without lying, they can look at a White 'AntiFa' mob, assaulting a defenseless and nonviolent bystander (whether White, Black, or some other hue), and say, "White Supremacists attack Black person".

They really DO remember things differently. It helps that their recall of details is poor, but repeated viewing of the video, CLEARLY showing their original recollection is in error, does not budge them.

Initially, I was aghast at this, somehow thinking that more proof of the actual events would change their mind.

Uh-uh. It's embedded in their mind, with velcro hooks.

The NLD side Evil, Wrong, Hateful, and Violent.

Their side fights FOR Truth, Justice, and the REAL American Way of Life. And, in case you were going to ask about it, REAL Americans are:

  • Not White
  • Not necessarily citizens
  • Agree with them, 100%
  • Vote Democratic/Socialist/Progressive/Left
So, I started to follow a new tactic.

Humor. Not specifically political; in fact, the less it involves party politics, the better.

But, humor that points out the differences between the Elite, and the rest of us. Humor that - hopefully - sneaks between reality, and their defense of their positions. Humor that is designed to build up connections between Them and Us.

When I think of that kind of humor, I think of Benjamin Franklin, who was a master of coaxing others to join his side. He used guile, humor, and careful attention to listening to them, rather than preaching The Truth. It was more important for him to build those connections than to argue and try to 'win'.

If you continue to use social media, whether that of the Evil Overlords, or the newer sites, MeWe, Gab, SubStack, or Parler, consider taking the Ben Franklin approach, and beguiling others into joining our side.


SimonJester said...

You might want to read WASP by Eric Frank Russell.


In my (futile) attempts to engage the Left, I was reminded of a saying that I saw some time ago, to the effect of it being impossible to get someone to understand something when their paycheck depends on their not understanding it.

Similarly, here: It is useless to get people to consider information when their sense of themselves as good as noble people depends on their not considering it.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a blast from the past. I read that something like 60 years ago.