Monday, November 2, 2020

In the Words of That Guy From Brooklyn...

 ...Biden's gonna get moidered.

The Career Politician is going down!

Signs are everywhere. The huge crowds for Trump. The lack of enthusiasm for Biden. The aenemic way even the media support Mr. 10%.

Spontaneous rallies, even in the absence of the headliner - people don't care, they just want to show their support.

Car caravans. AMISH buggy drive-bys. If that isn't a tip-off as to the depth and strength of Trump's support, I don't know what would convince you. The Amish (who I was surrounded by in Ashtabula County, years ago) do NOT engage in worldly things like elections. If they're in, it's over.

Heck, despite the strenuous effort of the Officially Smart People to persuade the Wretched Masses that ALL the Cool Kids were switching from Trump to Biden, the exact opposite has happened. Many former Never Trumpers have embraced Trump.

Former Dems are switching to vote for him. Union members are bucking the leadership to endorse him. Never-Before-Registered-to-Vote newbies signed up in huge numbers to make sure that Trump won, Biden loses.

Like the troops who fought the Dark Forces in the Return of the King, we had fought long and seemingly without success. They went all-in with Obama. They sank the economy to grasp power (I will always believe that the market crash - the timing of it - was planned. It wasn't JUST to hold it off long enough to get their money out. It was also designed to destroy the average person's lifetime savings, impose even more regulations on corporate America, and, oh yeah, bail out their cronies.)

We've been slogging along since then. Building our alternative sources of income. Building up our prep stores. Paying down debt, learning new skills, re-building our lives.

And, educating ourselves. Just about everyone who is active in the Normal Citizen circles has ignored the propaganda, looked behind the official news stories, read foundational books, and spent some serious time learning about the issues, from a factual, not emotional, standpoint.

Most of us were faithful to our vision of a better America. We kept in the battle, even though the cost was dear. Some of us even lost beloved family members to the Dark Forces.

Well, tomorrow is The Return of the King. I don't mean that Trump is Jesus Returned. I'm talking about a worldly leader, who - at the end, is showing up to stand by the troops and fight, and has brought reinforcements with him. He's also gathered the lawyers to prevent some last minute trickery with the ballots. And, for at least a while, he's beaten back the Dark Forces.

BTW, the Dark Forces is not Biden - he's a placeholder, who will be set aside for Harris in a short while, should they win. But, she is controlled, faint heart and blackened little soul, by the Elite of the Left.


Clayton Barnett said...

For me the recent huge tell was the boarding up of business in DC and other cities. If Harris had this in the bag then people would not be assuming riots.

Voting with your mouth is one thing; at the polls another. With your time and money? These business owners know what's afoot.

Col. B. Bunny said...

A+ for powers of observation.

And Harris isn't a natural born citizen. A quaint constitutional requirement that these days seems to have lapsed into oblivion.