Wednesday, November 4, 2020

NEW Ways to Steal Votes from GOP

 AZ is trying to mark invalid numbers of ballots filled out in sharpies. Trouble is, the word that's hitting the 'Net is that they were GIVEN the sharpies by the poll workers.

In Milwaukee, Ballot Dump - 100K/200K 'suddenly' appear. They're CLAIMING a typo - that just HAPPENS to be in their favor? More reason to keep an eye - or two - on them. The thing is, the speed at which this is distributed, and the oversight of the average person is greater than it used to be. It's harder to use their traditional methods to slip the votes in.

This time, people have been watching, and the fraud is obvious.

However, that won't stop the media from saying this is a done deal. I was watching CBS (What can I say? My husband is a sucker for a good looking woman, and Norah O'Donnell certainly is that.), they are trying to show that there really is no way that Trump can win, at this point. They're claiming states that are still counting, they're insisting that states that look like Trump is winning are Biden's, and they're spending a lot of time "demonstrating" that the election is over, accept it, Biden is the new Prez.

God help us.

I'm a diehard. I generally hang in there with my party through to the last ballot. I'm not ready to give up on this. But, no matter what happens, I'm NOT giving up on America.

In the morning, the sun will shine. The air will still smell as sweet. And, as always, we will have the freedom we are prepared to die for.

As Sean Connery said in The Untouchables:


Paul Bonneau said...

Calling it a "typo" is designed to make it easier to forgive in court. With a D judge or district attorney, this may work.

Funny that voting report from that county had the "typo" on Biden's total - but no increase in any other candidate's totals.

So much for the sanctity of the voting process...

Mike Guenther said...

Biden or Harris, God forbid, will never be my President. And the unmitigated gall of them to ask for unity and coming together after the last four years of "Russian collusion" Impeachment and all the riots that insued when Trump won in 2016, is ludicrous.

Unlike the sore losers in 2016, though, I'm not going to go out and riot and loot. After the final decision is finally made, win or lose, I'll just go about my life and prepare for the next election.

Pascal said...

I'm glad you brought up the untouchables Linda. For starters, I can't see Christopher Wray in that category and he sits in a post that needs one now more than ever.

In a second term, one of the first thing to be done is find an Eliot Ness and put him at the head of the FBI.