Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Up in the Middle of the Night

 It's a time when your mind is vexed with worries, your resistance to dark thoughts is low, and, frankly, when the fridge is close and tempting (middle of the night calories don't count, doncha know?).

I've been upside-down in my sleep for the last week. I head to bed at a decent hour, but am restless and awake in the middle of the night. I suppose I could blame the election (the timing is suggestive).

I'm not focused enough to do an serious writing - just blog posts. I don't want to make the noise that would result from cleaning and organizing (although, the house could use it). Even my reading is mostly fluff.

If, as seems more and more likely, Trump loses this fight, it is likely to be a long and difficult time. I'm relatively insulated from career damage - retirement has its pluses - but the Dims can mess with Social Security, Medicare, and taxes/COVID lockdowns and a whole lot of other official ways of getting even.

And, unfortunately, that means that my friends, family, and children will be at risk, as well.

Why is a loss by Trump seeming more likely?

  • Barr is slow-walking any investigation. Basically, he has taken the position that Trump's team will have to PROVE the theft, before he is willing to do anything. And, he is not promising to act, then.
  • The public is being shut out of the picture. Kayleigh McEnany was abruptly cut off from bringing up the subject of voter fraud. Just dropped from even being able to present the case on Fox. They declared that her claims were "baseless" (apparently the word from Official Talking Points of the Left). So, a significant portion of the population will never be able to hear about the allegations (even if only some of them are substantiated, the public should hear about them, and make their own decision).
  • The Media are pushing - HARD - the "President-Elect" story. They use that term EXCLUSIVELY for Biden; never did that for Trump, until the election results were certified.
  • The Hunter Biden/Biden Crime Family story is being BURIED. Deeper than a grave. Pretty soon, it will be a Hate Crime to bring it up. Any evidence will disappear - as has been done for years (Sandy Berger, anyone?). I've been re-reading Diana West's American Betrayal, regarding the extensive effort to bury the story of Russian infiltration into the government, and one of the interesting things about digging into that history is the number of missing records. Those records were not just 'missing' from one location (which might indicate incompetence or happenstance), but from MULTIPLE places - libraries, newspaper morgues, federal repositories (and, in different departments), personal papers, etc. When the Left decides to 'erase' a story, they really rub it out.
  • Many Americans have a vested interest in the first kind-of Black woman in the VP slot (For now - if I were Joe, I'd stay away from high places, and hire some food tasters). To suggest that she won't get the job - after the momentum has been built - is just NOT going to happen. Any effort to get a true count of votes will be considered Just Another Damn White Thing That Is Designed To Bring a Sista' Down.
So, I'm feeling down.

Fortunately, I'm a person with a strong bias towards optimism. Just naturally a sunny and hopeful person (God Bless my Mother's genetic contribution - I could have inherited my Dad's rather gloomy nature).

So, I will spend this time reflecting, regrouping, and preparing. Then, when I'm ready, I will - once again - take up the pieces of my life, and go forth.

Contrary and resistant to the end.

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ontoiran said...

i hope you're wrong. you've got to be a real pos to do what these pos have done. cuz it's not just us. they're also going to responsible for all the wars and death that stem from this