Monday, November 9, 2020

Old Farts' Revenge Dept.

Shamelessly stolen from Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin' My Life Away:


John Henry Eden said...

For many years I worked at a facility for "At Risk Youth" (future convicts & welfare dependents). The kids would often ask me the time, despite there being a clock prominently displayed on the common room wall. Neither could they understand the terms "half past" and "quarter
'til/ quarter past" I couldn't understand this at first but, then the light bulb came on. They only knew how to read a digital clock.


Just wait until the fit hits the shan and some enterprising patriots take out the power lines going to their city. (Disclaimer: not advocating this, just pointing out the possibility as has already been discussed widely on our side of the blogosphere.) Multiply by the top 20 metropolitan areas in the country and you have the Left in utter panic. Plus any police, fire, and even military units left still scrambling to maintain some semblance of order as people panic - not to mention the criminals making hay while their sun shines.

No power = no refrigeration, no cooking, no gasoline, no elevators, no soy lattes or avocado toast. It means no 911 calls. It means no fire hydrant pressure. No running water at all very quickly if not immediately.

Stewart said...

One more layer. Ensure the room is in a cabin deep in the woods of Appalachia. Leave the keys to a manual transmission pickup truck on the table.

Stewart said...

One more layer. The room is inside a cabin deep in Appalachia. There are keys to a pickup truck with a manual transmission on the table.

N S said...

And it could not possibly happen at a more opportune time.

Linda Fox said...

It is time to look at having analog items in your bug-out bag. Here in SC, it's customary to have it ready to go during hurricane/storm/flood season. The power often goes out for some period of time. (Want to express my undying love and support for the AWESOME road crews that work around the clock to restore power in those cases!)

That means:
- Paper maps
- Original/paper copies of needed documents establishing identity and medical info/insurance info
- PAPER money/hard coin
- Analog watch/flashlight/radio/reference books
- Means of cooking not using electric power
- Generator
- Gas in cans

Just a few of the needed supplies, which would also be useful if the power is out for extended time periods.

That's one of the things that the Scouts USED to do - give kids experience with 'old-school' methods of handling emergencies/maintaining life. They've been too focused on trendy for the last generation - ruined the experience.