Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fruits Of “Anti-Discrimination” Law

     Have a gander at this:

     The Virginia attorney general’s office has ruled that the Loudoun County school system committed illegal racial discrimination by admitting fairly few black and Hispanic students to its selective schools, the Academies of Loudoun. For reasons that have nothing to do with racism, the Academies of Loudoun are much more heavily Asian than the Loudoun County Public Schools as a whole, and have fewer blacks, Hispanics, and whites than the Loudoun school district as a whole. The finding of “discrimination” against LCPS is wrong because it is based on a concept of discrimination that likely does not apply to school systems and was based on an apples-to-oranges comparison.

     The finding of discrimination doesn’t claim that individual black and Hispanic students were treated differently in admissions than white or Asian students, or that the admissions process was motivated by racism. Rather, it claims that the school district unintentionally “discriminated” by using racially “neutral,” colorblind selection processes that admitted disproportionately fewer blacks and Hispanics than their share of the school district’s overall population.

     Did Virginia’s Attorney-general give:

  • Any consideration to what races and ethnicities applied for admission?
  • Any consideration to applicants’ previous performance in school?
  • Any consideration to their standardized test scores, if any?

     Of course not. There’s a social obligation to admit dunces, troublemakers, and cut-ups even to the most selective and academically demanding schools, if that’s what it will take to achieve “racial and ethnic balance.” Indeed, if enough such don’t apply, the Academies must go out and find them – offer them scholarships!

     Clearly, the mission of an explicitly educational institution is no longer education. That has been abolished by political decree.

     Truly, words fail me. Every day that passes, I’m gladder to be called a racist.


Clayton Barnett said...

The soccer-moms all think this is righteous and good as it elevates our dusky cousins*, when in fact it is diabolical narcissists who love to piss in white faces and laugh at our passivity.

But what if we stop being passive? What if your kids are off to college or trade school and you are, by and large, finished with the works of your life.

And you are a pretty good shot.

What then?

*Repeal the 19th!

Pascal said...

Voter fraud has wide consequences.