Saturday, November 28, 2020

A British Doctor (NHS) Tells the Story of HIS Experience

 And, it's not what the medical establishment wants you to know.

The original link was broken - I'm linking directly to the book's Amazon page - you can look inside for more of the story.

The doctor was highly critical of the NHS response. I think it's interesting that, in the USA, most of the stories are focused on how brave and hard-working the staff in hospitals/medical centers are - which, I've no doubt that many worked their tails off during the worst of the crisis.

However, using that experience to completely cobble the rest of us in every aspect of life is simply not justified.

Furthermore, many of the 'last-ditch' procedures that were used turned out to be wrong/futile. It's beginning to be evident that most patients are better off recuperating at home (with some support from tele-medicine and home visits). The family is better situated to assist them in recovery, plus it also reduces the spread of disease.

I posted here about ways you can improve a patient's chances of recovery.

I was a sickly kid - I caught EVERY disease possible, during my early days. My mother had to work to keep me alive.

Which, I could never have re-paid her for - she nursed me through countless infections, communicable diseases, and several major bouts of flu. She also managed to nurse my little sister through a bout of pneumonia without lasting effect.

Here's some info about home nursing skills, and the difference they make to survival. If you haven't developed those skills, read this, and stock up on needed supplies and equipment.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Linda, the link doesn't appear to lead to a story about an NHS doctor or the NHS generally.

Linda Fox said...

I'll check it in a little while. Thanks.