Thursday, November 19, 2020

Some Random Stuff - 11-19-2020

 Up a little early, very restless. I feel like a guy standing watch on a 'safe' base. No reason to worry, he's surrounded by lots of bang-bang stuff, buddies, and, well, it's not dangerous.

But, he's got an itch. He's wary and jumpy. Things just don't 'feel' right.

So. Watchful, and with that 'something's gonna happen soon' edge.

Bet like this guy - prepared to do whatever you have to on a moment's notice.

We've had some warnings that Tense Times are Coming Near. The Good Thing about the Lockdowns is that we had to spend some time at home, talking about how we might handle extended time away from 'civilized society', fending for ourselves in food/water/meds/fuel.

For most of us, this was a quick process, and left us shoring up some small deficits.

For some, it was OMG-Armaggedon. SUDDEN realization that their 3-5 days a week runs to the store were over, and they needed to reassess just how they handled buying/storing supplies.

It wasn't new to me. I'd long ago had the experience of living in a family that only shopped twice a month (and a mother who didn't drive). Outside of milk deliveries - which could be eliminated, if needed, that was it.

I later moved to several remote locations, and learned to live on what was in the fridge/pantry. Even before that, as a non-driver, with a husband who was more often working than not, and 3 preschool kids, heading out for a forgotten 'need' was not on the table.

I learned to adapt. And, bake my own bread, make meals from what was available, and do without.

C-Death was just no big deal for us. Sure, we made a few trips in the first week or so (like many people, we didn't store large quantities of TP and a few other bulky things). We needed to make sure we had extra meds/OTCs on hand. And, we took advantage of a few sales.

But, we were blessed by our foresight, and were not concerned. We had provisions, some seeds and garden supplies, a generator, sufficient tools, and, perhaps most importantly, baking powder/baking soda/3 large unopened containers of yeast. We were, in a world of scarcity, rich beyond our wildest dreams.

The other part of the prep was mental - learning, reading, unpacking old reference manuals. 

If you have not yet dumped the use of old-style ways of referring to The Opposition, please do so.


  • Democrat
  • Progressive
  • Liberal
  • Inclusive
  • Or, other outdated term
Instead, use the CORRECT term:


Never Forget

The Chump Effect - I always thought of it as "The Jean Valjean Effect, but that's probably too long (and requiring some slight knowledge of French literature and history, which is beyond the Young and Poorly Educated - most of them).

I'd heard that History Repeats, and thought it hackneyed and untrue.

But, now, we have an upcoming election in GA, and damned if we aren't seeing the Bleeding Kansas scenario, shamelessly promoted by Democrats from far-distant CA.

Affidavits from people watching the audit clearly state that the process was designed to provide cover, 'officially' satisfy the audit, and not permit any major findings of fraud.

The Dems and other Leftists are complacent and dismissive - "Why don't those deluded fools just admit that they LOST the election and crown our new overlords?" Of course their go-to explanation - that we only resist because we're so racist - is the only one that occurs to them as a possibility.

They airily wave their hands, declare that the election CANNOT be rigged in their favor - voting 'errors' are ALWAYS innocent, the machines, by a company that famously rigged the Hugo Chavez election, are NOT CAPABLE of sending false votes, and we're Just Sore Losers - AND Racists.

The possibility that we're so passionate because it's just about the Last Chance to Avoid CW 2.0 never occurs to them. That the masks are, in many ways, OFF. That we clearly see that our legal efforts are useless, and our only other recourse - unthinkable for many generations - is violent resistance.

But, what about the Supreme Court?

What about it?

I don't look to the Supreme Court to save us - in the run-up to the Original Civil War, they tried that, remember? And the court decisions just fueled more fissures by the divisions between those saying "See, this will settle it!" and those saying, "Like Hell it Will!" Just as, later on, the court decisions that were to have settled the matter of Civil Rights didn't. Those who disagreed simply re-doubled their efforts.

And, with their mask mandates, calls to disarm us, and refusal to stop the indoctrination of our children, forced compliance with nonsensical rules, and acceptance of unGodly directives, is driving us to contemplate the unthinkable.

And, to prepare our homes for that possibility.

But, but, but...The ARC of History!

Don't we know that their takeover of EVERYTHING is inevitable?

Nah. You'ns know we're just Dumb Hicks. Too stupid to see that they ONLY have our best interests in mind.

The fact that they've rigged their vision of Utopia against those who look, believe, and think like us is simply a coincidence. And, a GOOD thing, for everyone, including us.

They even have recently re-colored Asians, who range from relatively light-skinned to quite dark, as White. Never mind actual circumstances of history of oppression, poverty, and bigotry. What counts is that they Officially have White Privilege.

Unlike Chelsea Clinton and her ilk, including Ivanka. Who is probably not a horrible person, but she exemplifies that Clueless Vibe. They both lecture us about Privilege, but never seems to think about the many others of the same coloration who are NOT privileged. The idea that hard work should receive a better reward than family connections or a thumb on the scale just never occurs to them.

BREAKING: I just saw this bit of news from the MI recount. I thought they would regret their vote, and that it was probably coerced (when they had that little off-the-record 'discussion'). So, it's ON again!

You can read their affidavits at the link.


Jess said...

Ruthless people demand ruthless retaliation. If Trump is smart, he'll use his power beyond what politeness demands, and save the United States.



I view Trump - if he can prevail - as nothing more than a delaying action. It'll buy us time, that's it, before the reckoning happens.


I remember when the whole Covid panic buying first hit. Everyone loading up on, well, everything. I remember one person saying "I need to have three weeks of food" and I thought about the grocery store I have in my basement and thought "Amateurs". :D

JJJ said...

Ceterum censeo Sinisterium esse delendam.