Sunday, November 29, 2020

Some Lessons on Space From Elon Musk

He's the first person to crack the code on how to be innovative AND profitable. His mode of operation is one that future Tech Giants need to pay attention to.

Too many of the New Tech guys burn through huge amounts of money for piddling profits - IF they manage that, at all. Operating at a loss is NOT a long-term viable business strategy.

There's a reason that most of them are allied with the Dems - only that party is open to grabbing huge subsidies for marginally successful ideas that will employ a few decently paid people, and a hell of a lot of peons - both US citizens and foreign - to create an overvalued company that LOSES money.

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So much of Big Tech and Big Green et al are, IMHO, nothing more than money laundering fronts.

Taxpayer money --> grants / subsidies --> Turned around to "D" donations