Friday, November 20, 2020

I WAS Going to Post Links, But...

Sigh. Just go on over to Breitbart, and click on just about every story.

Voter Fraud.

C-Death Shutdowns - and, by 'C-Death', I mean relatively few ACTUAL deaths from a disease, but many from other associated problems - nursing home mistreatment of their vulnerable residents, suicides due to isolation, job losses, depression, and what you might call 'economic suicide' - states rushing into bankruptcy and complete collapse

Hard-Core Leftists doing what Leftists ALWAYS do - taking away the God-given rights of free people, picking sides and privileging SOME people, taking great pleasure in imposing controls on their captive population.

And, the media - going all-in on shoving Trump out of office, by hook or by crook. AND, with the help of RINOS (yes, I'm talking about YOU, Romney!) and corrupted/blackmailed/pressured former Not-Left Media - Tucker Carlson, for example. Tucker's been a great disappointment, but not a surprise. He was 'loved' (really tolerated) due to his bringing in the cash/viewship to the channel, but, he's evidently reached his sell-by date, and the PTB (Powers That Be) have turned up the coercion to fall in line with the Official Story - that the election hasn't been a put-up job since the beginning.

And, now, in Nantucket, the police have used an excuse - one that will likely be copied throughout the country that we formerly called the Land of the Free - to shut down Concealed Carry licenses.

If you haven't already gotten your gun, good luck from this point on. Same with ammo. It's already too late. The best you can hope for is that a friend/relative will agree to sell you one of their "OMG! My guns ALL got lost in that dread fishing boat accident!" guns.


evilfranklin said...

The problem with conceal carry permits is that now law enforcement knows where you are. They can also assume that you have more than on firearm.

Linda Fox said...

Yeah. That's why, should you or other people get a gun, it's best to use a buddy who has one that would be sold off record.
Same with ammo - get it with cash, and no record.