Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Midweek Round-Up

 Some things that caught my eye:

Sarah A. Hoyt is on fire again, both on her blog - According to Hoyt - and at Instapundit.

The video, and the signed affidavit, may not be enough for the #VoterFraudDeniers.

However, when you then get caught, on audio, THREATENING THE WITNESS, well, that's probably confirmation worthy of belief.

But, never worry! The USPS is ON this. They've placed him on unpaid leave. For the Love of God, please toss a few bucks his way, would you?

Another GOP Black Rep is gained in Congress, from UT. This trend is snowballing. Here's some more. Just a reminder we're not just fighting for Trump. It's time to toss Fancy-Nancy out on her 'bony ass'.

Little by little, the evidence is coming in. Individually, it may be "just a few votes", but collectively, it's massive #VoterFraud.

The people talking about software 'glitches' are pretty much all non-programmers. Those of us who have done it, know that 'accidents' like the ones here, are not accidents. They are By Design. UNIntelligent Design.

In PA, the evidence of massive fraud is piling up. It was sloppy. They expected to be able to use their usual method of Screaming, Denial, and Official Disinclination to Investigate/Prosecute to avoid detection. Once the fraud was actually looked at, it was laughably obvious, and will (Lord, I pray) be tossed out by the courts.

It was a combination of hubris, last minute panic, and a hurried effort to get those votes manufactured before Trump could either prove victory/leave the election in limbo long enough to actually do recounts. The hurried - and quite obvious - media coronation was intended to shut off dissent.

Lots of luck with that, press guys.

The State Dept. agrees that these tactics are indicative of #VoterFraud. Of course, they didn't expect to have to apply those standards in US cities!

So, can we expect a Michael Flynn-type Logan Act prosecution? After all, in 2016, the outcome wasn't in dispute.

When all else fails, threaten people - seems like Standard Dem Tactics, #DemMafiaStyle.

The Silicon Graybeard has a nice post about COVID, which basically summarizes some well-known (but, for SOME reason, not mentioned by Media) facts about flu periodicity, COVID, and deaths for whatever cause.

If TSG is not on your Regular Blogs to Read, it should be.

And, speaking of Regular Reads, don't forget Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise. If you HAVE to think about Grim Futures, at least he serves it up with a heavy dose of funny.

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