Sunday, November 8, 2020

Something to Print Up at Home

 Quiet Rebellion.

Easy to do; just attach post-its to a sheet of paper, and run them through a printer (in the old inkjet type - don't try it in a laser printer, the heat will likely detach the sticky notes). Or, even easier, buy a stamp. Or, just write it with a Sharpie.

Trump can, and should, continue the fight in court. The GOP should support him, but that's a dim hope (they may SAY they've got his back, but most don't). On the positive side, Trump is using this lame-duck period to get rid of some agency heads; that should make it more difficult to install an ideologue in the next term.

The best result we might ask of the Supreme Court is that they order specific reforms of the voting systems. They are unlikely to void the election, or order a do-over. But, in the name of ensuring "One citizen, One vote", they MIGHT force some change, if only by declaring that the current methods for handling an election violate that right.

Otherwise? Slog on in our regular life; keep prepping, keep resisting, know this is NOT a short fight.

The Founders didn't say, "If we don't win in a couple of years, let's just quit."

They spent a LOT of years getting to the point of Critical Mass. We've made it nearly that far in just a short few years.

The Resistance Support is bigger than we know. But, we haven't built the LOCAL base. That's where the power is, and the Dems have got their claws deep - city, county, state.

Build it, and the time will come.

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pc-not said...

The problem, Linda, is that the voter fraud is so pervasive, on all levels, that "fixing it" will not be a task that ever gets done. I have viewed several of the techniques that the cheaters have used and it makes me physically ill to see what has happened to our system. Almost makes Joe Stalin look like a piker.