Monday, November 2, 2020

Time Spent with Mainstream Media

Well, it was MSNBC, after all. If that's the standard for fairness and impartiality, I can understand just how skewed people's thinking can become.

Liberals always say, "Well, FOX!" as though their bias is clear. I point out to them, they criticize Trump and the GOP all the time. It's just that they're a little less likely to overlook a good story because it doesn't end in the conclusion, Orange Man Bad - VERY Bad.

If I regularly listened to the news, I'd be near-suicidal. The good news is that I seldom turn on the TV during the day. Most of what I know from news off-Web is from listening when my husband is home. Fortunately, although a Dem, he likes to look at pretty women, and the best looking women are on Fox.

If you believe the Election Analysis, Biden is cruising to an easy victory. In the battleground states, he's got an overall lead of 5%. And, if you've been following election reports over several decades or more, that's really an insurmountable lead.

Just about every one of the talking heads dismisses the "shy voter". But, in a country where openly displaying your voter preference can put your job in jeopardy, they may well be some small percentage of the voters.

A bigger factor is that this year's polls are essentially flying blind. Previously, when polling organizations called to test the sentiment, they could count on reaching about 50% of the voting population.

Not now. Actual contacts are around 2%. At that point, no amount of modeling or data massaging will obscure the hard fact that the pollsters are guessing.

I just saw the Election Projections, and, surprisingly to me, they're giving Trump PA. That's a big change in a short time. The Senate is the big problem. We really cannot afford to lose more than 3 seats of the ones up for grabs.

I'm so glad this is nearly over. My nerves can't stand this up and down.

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