Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Evidence of Widespread Fraud - UPDATE

I'm seeing too many IT types discussing this to completely discredit the story. FWIW, I have some knowledge of programming/security/networks, and the idea that some relatively low-level 'fiddling' changed things, rather than a deliberate coding decision that enabled the affected precincts to make the changes when needed, is not only NOT impossible, but likelier than the idea that this was baked into the machine and autonomous.

The 'guys on the ground' would see the need. In consultation with national/state leadership, they would make adjustments, as directed. The people who actually made the adjustments may not fully understand their culpability in the process. They could easily think it routine maintenance.

The real question is:

If the states refuse to act, will the Supreme Court step in? Will their decision punt any action to a future time? Will the Left give up?

I think the answers are: No, Yes, and No.

UPDATE: My plan for the next 3 days.

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