Sunday, November 15, 2020

Why is This Not Being Reported? Update

In the mainstream news, I mean.

I kid, I kid. Of course, it's obvious why the average person is not seeing this. It might lead them to come to the correct conclusion - that the election results, indeed, were fixed.

About the only thing that is giving me hope, at this point, is the effect of widespread cord-cutting. More and more people are just giving up on the networks/cable interface. So far, dissident voices are reasonably available (with some disruptions to individuals along the fringes, it's true). But, God Willing, the effort to suppress the NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents) is not having the complete success that the Left would prefer.

I'm sure it's a personal defect in my intellectual functioning, but postmodernism never made any sense to me. People have tried to explain it, but my eyes lose their focus, and I start feeling dizzy. The Bookworm explains how it all relates to the election at the link.

For those of you working from home - Prep for that Zoom meeting:

I was reading Fran, and saw that he had linked to one of my favorite posts.

Fran, let's turn that habituation AGAINST the Left. Let's use a tactic that the Black community has used for a long time - take small liberties, and get them used to our not being 'fully compliant'. That gradualism can work against them, too.

Small rebellions. Coupled with "innocent dismay" at how they overreact to our 'little mistake'! Coupled with using this as a way of identifying those who will participate in our rebellion.

Start with not wearing a mask, until the first reminder. Then, the second. Then, the third.

Make a stink about their insistence! Act injured (don't use the term 'right not to wear a mask'). Act put-upon, and innocently picked upon ("It's because I'm not White/Rich/Straight (how can they PROVE you are?)/Politically Connected, isn't it?"). Don't carry it out so long that they bring in the cops - not at first. Just make it a pain for the clerks to enforce this. If you can, bring along a friend from an Officially Downtrodden group, and make it about your association with that person. If you give people a teeny reason to hesitate to enforce the rules, you're 1/2-way there.

It helps to do this with other people around, who DO wear the mask, but aren't (apparently) associated with you (and, have arrived separately). Have them gather around, and, although initially SEEMING to just be observers, start making statements/comments that support you. They should say:

  • "Yeah, man, why you hassling him? He ain't causing no problem!"
  • "You're just picking on him. You didn't bother that OTHER person - you just hate him" (the OTHER person is a secret member of the group, who just scooted in, and then out, after buying just one item, without ever wearing a mask - if confronted about it, said she forgot, and just said, it would be faster to check me out. I promise I'll have it next time). Yes, this is a setup, and is secretly filmed. When it's successful, go into stage 2, which is the Outraged Maskless One.
  • Select people who look like they might be open to the idea of not fully wearing masks (those who take them down to talk, those that wear them under the nose), and initiate a comment, "He isn't really bothering anyone". If you get some indication of agreement, keep it up.
Try this, in small ways, in larger cities, over the course of several weeks. Meet back together after the operation, and de-brief, critiquing the test, and making adjustments to the plan. This is both to move our cause out into the community, and build our reach, and as a way of teaching rebellion tactics/strategy.



One of my favorites - being challenged - is to say I have a medical issue.

If they ask, "I have FBS - it's pretty rare these days. I can't tell you more because then I'd have to sue you for violating HIPPA."

FBS - Functioning Brain Syndrome.

Linda Fox said...

That's a good idea.
Keep in mind, this is about growing the resistance, getting some video, generally making this such a hassle to enforce that it becomes meaningless.
Just more tea in the harbor. Why American is a COFFEE-drinking country.