Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Is This the End Point?

 I have to be honest, it's not looking good for our side.

As the Officially-Not-Fraud seems to hit some in the GOP, apparently Trump has been pressured to concede. Probably they've promised him some protection against indictment for himself and his family, which the Left would hold out as a credible threat.

He's (up until January 20th) the oldest man ever elected. I don't doubt he is tired. I don't doubt that the Left (and their chosen representatives to deliver the bad news, the RINO 'right') have made it clear that they will exact physical, mental, and financial retribution on EVERY person he holds dear - FOREVER.

So, the fraud is going to be buried. The Left will have 2 years to improve their use of various techniques - fraudulent registration, no voter ID, mail-in for ALL (no in-person permitted), uniparty counting, banning observers from ANY part of the process (probably citing fear of disease, violence, and just general ickiness of the NLDs), and - their best shot - massive voting machine tinkering.

Don't worry, the process will be "proven" to be safe, efficient, and COMPLETELY un-tamperable.

They probably will make an effort to make it LOOK less suspicious. Or, at least, hide it better.

We've hit John Wilder's 12:00 - that point on the Civil War Weather Report that is past the Save the Republic point.

Will Americans pledge their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, once again?

Don't count on it.

I fear we're in for a LONG, Dark Time.

Keep Hammering Down on the Dominion Machine Fraud. It's harder for people to understand, but the evidence is not as easy to hide.


ontoiran said...

ohhhhhhh...i think "AMERICANS" will. the rest will (as usual) sit it out and wait to see whose hand to lick

J. said...

How in the living hell are you supposed to find what it takes to want to ever vote again....Does any hope still live in the castle???

John said...

I think we're nearly there. It's a scary time.