Thursday, November 5, 2020

James O'Keefe Should Win an Award for Investigative Journalism

 Especially THIS, showing an interview with a postal worker claiming that the bosses are telling them to roll back the postmark date to November 3rd for all ballots received by, or after, November 4. This is specifically not permitted under the MI state constitution. Can't find the video on Youtube, but it's available on Project Veritas.

The Official Word in the Media of the Left is that the evidence is 'shady' or 'scant' (their words). But, keep in mind the modus operandi of PV - roll out those tapes one at a time.

There may be more evidence coming.



I remember a Bill Whittle video discussing O'Keefe's tactics as taught by Breitbart.

Roll out video.
Have it condemned as "edited" or some such.
Role out more video that disproves the condemnation.

The problem is that so many are still so utterly credulous of the enemedia.

Take, as an example, a woman in my shul with whom I talked about the inflated covid numbers. I could see her eyes above her slave mask. Horror. The idea that CNN et al might LIE? The idea that hospitals and doctors and government agencies might KNOWINGLY MISREPRESENT deaths as being covid when they weren't???

There was a scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture where Spock, after mind-melding with V'Ger, holds Kirk's hand and says "This simple feeling is beyond V'Ger's comprehension". Same here.

Especially disconcerting when, as Jews, we should have a tribal memory of being lied to by governments. "But that can't happen here".

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Saw this over at Rapid City Joe earlier this morning