Thursday, November 12, 2020

What Happens When Trust is Gone?

 Not just lessened. Not just bruised.


Completely broken.

For many - NOT just Republicans/Trump Supporters, but also Democrats, their trust in 'the system' - will NOT return.

That's a LOT of systems:

  • Police/FBI
  • City hall/Statehouse
  • Attorney Generals/prosecutors
  • Election boards/zoning boards, etc.
  • Party apparatus - sometimes, our own as well as our opponents
  • Candidates/officeholders
  • Neighbors - SOME of whom knew this was going on, or tried hard to pretend they didn't suspect
  • Family - who often accused one of being "Literally a Nazi"
  • Co-workers/bosses - may not have LED the charge to fire them, but stood by and let it happen
  • News media - paper/TV/social media
Where are we now?

COMPLETE breakdown of our formerly High-Trust Society. Not just by race/ethnicity/sex/religion.

We cannot trust MOST people. Those we MIGHT be able to trust, those whom we normally would be able to call upon - our closest family and friends - recoil from us as potential carriers of C-Death.

No, we will not just "come together", "heal", and play nice. For most of us, it's FOAD time. Our strongest expression of hostility is for the so-called Elites. They always hated and despised us.

We now return that contempt, with interest. If they were dying of thirst, I wouldn't spit on them. Or, waste any OTHER bodily fluids on them, either.

I don't see this changing anytime soon.

America is broken. It will take a LOT to bring us to a point where we will trust again.


Arthur said...

"America is broken"

Has been broken. Let's be precise.

It's taken decades of concerted effort.

joetote said...

I said this the other day somewhere. We re missing the bigger picture as to the loss of out country.

No one mentions this fact.

Cheating or real, 54% or more of the electorate voted for a hard left Socialist leaning clown and worse, the woman who could end up being President is a die hard Communist and worse a racist who as attorney General in Cal. withheld evidence to enhance her conviction rates. Pure fact.

Think of it. Half this country is in bed with the very ideology our forefathers fought against, yet it is completely ignored as the underlying problem in this country.

I can't even give a Moron alert on this one! it's just completely unforgivable

Unknown said...

It's my belief that the mask mandate is a part of this active breaking of American trust as well. After all, how can you trust someone whose face you can't see? The elites and their goons are actively making the US into a low trust nation, so they can make all of us subservient to the State.